How to Stop Your Dog From Biting

How to Stop Your Dog From Biting

Dog bite prevention is necessary, especially with social surroundings. All dogs are not same, some dogs are very friendly compared to those who have aggression and instinct to bite regardless of breed or size. We all humans have the limit, same way dogs have their limits where they might show up aggression and biting behavior.

Including Children, we all adults are responsible for understanding the safety when it comes to dogs. But, as a pet owner, you are the one who is responsible for its behavior. Nothing to worry, there is a way you can stop your dog from biting someone.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

  • Like in humans, we get angry, same way dogs tend to have aggressive behavior when they feel threatened. It's natural to react in aggression to protect themselves. It is very important to understand the limit while interacting with a dog.
  • Aggressive and biting behaviors are triggered when dogs are afraid and as part of defense they end up biting. It could be territory marking or protecting anything not limited to food or puppies.
  • Sometimes we humans, might end up waking up dog from deep sleep by approaching it might provoke a biting behavior. Because dog feels threatened suddenly and feel threatened.
  • Funny thing, but while playing with you dog sometimes when you start running away they might feel that it is all good fun part of game and end up biting you in excitement. Not only that in some dog breeds, when you start running away their natural instinct of hoarding or predatory pursuit instinct kicks in.
  • Also, if dog is injured or ill and not feeling well, dog in painful situation wouldn't like it if you approach or touch. If you try to approach it will provoke biting.
  • As a whole, threatened dog may end up biting anyone who approaches it. Most likely dog is abused or abandoned on the street or just simply with your sudden action might be triggering the aggression.

How to Stop Dog Bites

  • Being a dog owner, it is your most important responsibility to train your dog to prevent dog biting. No matter what, at the end you are responsible for your dog's behavior. You must learn how to train your dog that can prevent dog bites.
  • It is recommended to put your dog for basic training and keep up with the training program to make sure your dog behaves as per training lessons.
  • I also feel that it is most important to socialize your dog with other dogs and people. By allowing your dogs to socialize will help them learn how to behave around adults as well as young children. Yes, dog tends to have jealous nature when it comes to affection. Socializing your dog will create positive learning towards well behaved dog behavior.
  • Another thing to consider is to let your dog go through different situations, such as loud noise, loud music, ring bells or anything that makes your dog fearful. By exposing your dog to such kind of situations will help remove fear. If you start this training at early age possible then you will have no problems going forward.
  • Being a dog owner, you must pay attention to your dog behavior. There might be minor things that might be triggering aggressive behavior. Especially when you are surrounded by people, if you notice something is making your dog uncomfortable, try to avoid the situation or just get away from the surrounding to avoid anxiety in your dog. Afraid dog will end up biting.
  • Do not try to discipline your dog using your physical power or harsh punishment. Always create positive behavior through praise and treats before using shock collars. In my opinion, best way to train your dog is through treat rewards whenever you notice the desirable dog behavior.
  • It is advisable to always keep your dog under your site, plus make sure to use leash or secured fenced area. You are a dog owner, you know your dog well before letting it be free without on leash or secured area. By limiting the roaming area, you will automatically reduce any accidental biting.
  • If your dog has aggressive or fearful behavior with approach then make sure to let other know about it before they approach your dog. One of the best solution is to use muzzle if you live around crowded community.
  • Last but very important to make sure your dog is fully vaccinated to avoid rabies. It is most important to avoid scary situation with aggressive behavior. Ask your vet during your routine visit about rabies vaccination.

How to Interact Safely With a Dog

  • It is very natural to get excited and feel like playing and pampering when we see a dog. But it is not same for the dog. Your affection might end up threaten a dog. It is very important to understand the animal instinct and your limits before approaching a dog.
  • If you are not sure about the dog then make sure to ask dog owner if it is ok to approach and play with a dog. Speaking of approaching a dog, you must not touch an unfamiliar dog at all. You really do not know whether a dog is friendly or aggressive. I would recommend to stay away until you confirm with a dog owner.
  • Never try to go close to any dog that's eating, caring for young newly born puppies or sleeping. It is proven that dogs in this situation tend to get preventive aggressive behavior.
  • Injured dogs tend to be very vulnerable and afraid. Try not to approach them even if you are planning to help them. It is recommended to call veterinary or animal control for help.
  • Not all dogs but dogs have jealous nature when it comes to affection, yes especially young child or baby when they notice you playing with human babies. Do not leave a young child or a baby with any dog unless your dog is familiar with young child.
  • Do not freak out if you are meeting a dog and they start sniffing you all around. It is very common behavior and by keeping cool it will allow dog to feel comfy ambience around you.
  • BIG NO.. NO - never ever try to hug and kiss a dog if you are not familiar or haven't interacted with a dog before anywhere.
  • Sometimes you may encounter a situation where you get cornered by a dog or get chased by dog then do not runaway or do not look into dog eyes. Instead try not to pay attention and back off.
  • Sometimes situations are unavoidable and you encounter dog attack do not try to defend yourself by fighting, instead, you cover your head and face and fall to your side.

If your dog bites you or someone then immediately put your dog in secured place and get help. You must help the victim, wash the wound with warm water and soap and immediately seek medical help.

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