Why Do Dogs Run Away

Why Do Dogs Run Away

Even though your dog loves you, dogs sometimes like to run away. It’s very common for dogs to run away. There are different reasons that may also trigger such behavior in dogs. It’s surprising sometimes to see that some dogs are like magicians and look to be able to get out of any fence. Though your pet can go next door and back, running away may be dangerous. Your furry friend can get hurt or can get lost and never come home. 

Trying to Get Home

Have you recently moved? Well, guess what your dog does not understand that concept. Your dog knows that he is in different place and needs to get back to the house. 

Scary Sights and Sounds

Loud noises, bright lights, or huge crowds can frighten even the happy dog. Obviously, you should go ahead and celebrate holidays with family or friends. But for your dog’s safety, consider keeping them securely indoors at the house during the party.

Scary sounds and sights are not limited to holidays. Thunder, gunfire, or car accidents may also scare dog and triggers escaping behavior. 

Chasing Prey

The hunt! Chasing prey is a natural instinct for dogs, which can simply trigger if your pooch occurs to spot a squirrel, rabbit or any other small animal making his way through your yard.

If you have a small hunter at home, make sure to secure escape places. The last thing you need is to have your canine child run into the street after a cat or anything or anyone else. If it becomes an issue you cannot control, you must get help from professional animal behaviorist and trainer. 

why dog runs away

Your Dog’s Habit

This one is related to your dog’s daily routine and freedom. If your dog used to have many freedoms to run around and play freely and all of a sudden for some reason if that freedom is taken away, then there is a chance that dog will try to escape. Also, sometimes changes in household dynamics, like marriage, divorce, and a new baby may also trigger escaping behavior in dog. 


This applies to un-neutered male dogs. When dogs feel the urge to mate, it isn’t uncommon for them to go off in search of another dog that can satisfy their natural desire. 

Loneliness or Boredom

Like people, dogs are social. They want attention and something interesting to do. If your furry friend is lonely and bored because you aren’t spending enough time together then your dog may run away. 

Try to give him proper exercise and chew toys to keep him busy and active.


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It is Easy

One reason why dogs run away is that they can. If the dog can dig under and jump over the fence, and if you don’t have a fence, there is a chance that your furry friend will not hesitate to take advantage of this situation. 

How to stop your dog running away

Need to stop your dog from escaping? Here are suggestions that you can consider which can stop your dog from running away. 

Secure the Garden

Does your dog have a habit of wandering off every time they’re present in the garden unsupervised? Look around at your outside space as well as try to determine what escape routes your dog is using. If your fencing is simply burrowed under, consider paving under the fence with stones to decrease the gap. If you believe, your dog is jumping over the fence, then you may have to invest in a high fence. 

Daily Walk Regime

To keep your dog busy during the day, attempt to establish an everyday walk routine with your dog so they have a set time of the day where they can burn off their energy.

It’s always a good practice to keep your dog on a leash unless they have been appropriately trained to stay on command. By keeping them of leash, you will have full control when your dog gets excited for example aggression after spotting a squirrel.

What we can do when the dog runs away

Dog’s running away behavior is not uncommon. No matter how difficult you try to stop the dog, sometimes they manage to escape.

Having your four-legged friend micro-chipped will help you track your furry friend anywhere. You will always have a way to track your dog through this GPS enabled micro-chip.

Also, if your dog manages to escape, it’s very important not to shout at dog or punish them when they return. This may have negative effects on your dog. Your furry friend might associate shouting or punishment with returning house, which may end up encouraging them not to return next time. 

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The key to prevention is a proper dog training. When you train the dog, you establish a way of communication between two of you. It’ll strengthen bond with your dog and it will increase chance of gaining control in an emergency.

Every family dog should be proficient in these commands:

  • Come
  • Stay
  • Sit

Obeying these commands can keep your dog out of potential trouble. In addition, when teaching commands, it is important to use hand signals along with verbal cues.

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