Your Everyday Clothing can Save Dogs

You Buy, We donate 10% of the net profits. It’s simple: PAWS ARE GOOD keeps you stylish, and you're helping shelter dogs in our country.

According to ASPCA, Each year, approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized (390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats). Let’s help them live longer until they find a permanent home! ❤️

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Check our selection of premium quality dog lovers t-shirts, hoodies and accessories including dog mom t-shirts.

Dog Lovers Hoodies

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Paws Are Good Mission

You will be surprised to know that every year thousands of dogs are euthanized across the United States due to lack of home, especially when animal shelters across USA gets over capacity. Paws Are Good was started right about when COVID-19 pandemic started, to share awareness and raise money to help save dogs and help them get better life through shelter by finding a loving homes.
We managed to survive ourselves and at the same time in couple of months started to share portion of our revenue to help dogs in shelters.

Please Join our pack and help save the dogs together!

Small Business | Big Dreams

Hello! I'm Victor

Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out Paws Are Good, my small business! Paws Are Good is dog dad owned company, started in April 2020 with desire to help save dogs in shelters by sharing profit from every orders. I am thankful to likeminded community of dog dads and dog moms!

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