You Must Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

You Must Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

Puppies are adorable. I bet anyone would love those tiny, playful, curious and loving puppies. I would say, no one can resist puppies. It's so easy to get blown away with their cuteness, and so many people end up getting a puppy without knowing whether they are ready for a puppy in life or not.

I strongly tell people, STOP STOP, before getting a puppy. There are many important facts to consider before you make a decision to bring a puppy to your home. It's not online shopping where you buy it on the spot that you like it at first sight. In this article, I have come up with few important things that you must consider before getting your first puppy.

You must prepare and get educated on getting ready for a puppy and commit yourself to raise a puppy at home.

Are You Really Ready for a Puppy?
Puppies are very cute and everyone wants to get one for themselves, but raising a puppy is time consuming and requires higher commitments and energy. It's same as raising a human baby.

Young puppies need extra care and need to be fed three to four times a day. Whenever young puppies eat or drink, you need to take it outside to get them potty trained. Be ready to clean up mess created by young puppies as they are very curious and will end up into accidents.

Like human babies, young puppies wake up several time at night. So be ready to wake up and take them outside or just go near puppy.

Young puppies are very curious and sometimes destructive. Their curiosity make them chew and lick things, that behavior end up into destructive act. You should be ready to spend lot of time socializing and house train your puppy.

If these basic things associated with raising a puppy sounds too much for you then I recommend you to adopt an adult dog.

What Kind of Puppy is Right for you?

If you are perfectly fine with basic hurdles and efforts of raising a puppy then it's now time for you to select a puppy. You need to decide what kind of puppy is right for you. You should start with basic points that you do not want in your puppy or adult dog.

Size - You must consider the size of dog when it's adult. Small size dog works perfect for limited or small space house. Large size dogs need more space and of course associated cost of food, medication and other necessary products are higher for large size dogs.

Behavior - Do you prefer active dog in adult age or you prefer to have adult dog who calms down once grown up. Also, you need to consider associated timing for their exercise.

Hair Shedding - You must also consider hair shedding when it comes to choosing a right puppy for you. Are you ok with heavy shedding dog or prefer a dog that sheds less. As in general, low shedding dogs require frequent visit to dog groomers.


Where to find your puppy

Where to find your puppy?
Now as you have decided what kind of puppy is right for you, now it's time to start searching a puppy breed that meets your preferences. I would recommend to start with dog adoption center to look for a perfect puppy for you. If you are beginner then consider getting mixed breed puppy. It's good to give home to those puppies from shelter homes.

If you have made up your mind for pure bred puppy then make sure to get it from registered dog breeder. Try to avoid backyard dog breeders or from online classified ads. I recommend to get it from genuine source to avoid any unhealthy puppy. Plus, it will give you an idea about the breed and history.

To be honest, based on what I have talked to people over years, majority of dog owners said, they went to choose puppy for them, but their furry friend chose them! Yes, most of the time puppy will approach owner first!

Puppy Proof Your Home
Before you bring puppy at home, you must puppy proof your house. You must secure every single possible area of the house for puppy. Majority of young puppies tend to be destructive and harm themselves.

You must supervise your puppy as much as you can. Make sure to put your puppy in crate for few hours to avoid any destruction. Never ever give your puppy entire house to run and explore the way they want. It will help you in long run.

Puppy supplies

Get Basic Puppy Supplies
Do not stock up unnecessary puppy supplies before getting your puppy home. Lot of people end up stocking up toys and puppy bed and regrets later as their puppy doesn't like it.

Start with basic puppy supplies before you bring your puppy. I recommend to get following basic puppy supplies for your new companion

  • Get four to six feet long dog leash.
  • Puppy food
  • Regular size dog bed with enough space for growing period.
  • Basic puppy toys such as ball, squeaky toy.
  • Dog crate for your new puppy.
  • Based on the coat of your puppy, get basic grooming kit.

These are the basic necessary puppy supplies you need before you bring your puppy. Other puppy supplies, you will learn as your puppy grows.

Find the Right Veterinarian
You must find the right veterinarian before bring your puppy home. Once you bring you puppy home, you must visit veterinarian for physical examination to make sure puppy is healthy and any health issues have not been ignored by breeder or adoption center.

It's best to plan ahead and do some research first. Ask your friends and family with pets around you to get idea of veterinarian. Consider to find veterinarian close by with good reviews. These days, it is very easy to find genuine reviews about Veterinarian online.

You may go to Veterinarian clinic and talk to staff and try to get an idea about their service and surroundings. You must follow the vaccine schedule for young puppies as it is critical and necessary for the health.

Make sure to carry all necessary paperwork of your puppy that you got it from breeder or adoption center when you visit veterinarian.

Time to raise your puppy right
Now you got your cute, adorable puppy at home! Real raising responsibilities starts for dog moms and dog dads. You must follow rules and disciplines from beginning to raise your furry friend right way.

  • Get food for puppies that's loaded with necessary vitamins and nutrients for puppy growth.
  • Slowly start potty training your puppy. House training might take from weeks to months, but please be patience.
  • Try to socialize your puppy with other people and dogs. Go on a walk or take your puppy with you to different places. It will help your companion learn and understand the surroundings and be friendly with people and other dogs.
  • Make sure to spare time for play and exercise. It will not be good for your puppy health, but also builds up bonding between you and your puppy.
  • Consider to spend some money initially for puppy training classes. It will reduce your training responsibilities.
  • Always follow grooming and vet schedule for puppy's health wellness.

If you already have other pets in home then make sure to supervise and introduce your new puppy cautiously and right way.

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