What to Do if Your Puppy Chews on Everything

What to Do if Your Puppy Chews on Everything

Majority of dog owners have experienced dog’s chewing behavior when they return back home. It’s sometime very frustrating these unexpected damage done by their puppy or, more particularly, chewing on things like furniture by your new puppy or an adult dog.

Curious puppies usually make good use of their vision as well as a sense of smell to explore the surrounding home environment, one of their favorite ways to take in new info is to put their mouths to work. With extra and advance precaution you can avoid your puppy’s chewing behavior by using dog chew toys.

I will explain other options in details later in the post, but dog chew toys are one of the best possible solutions to avoid their chewing behavior and prevent your things around your house that you value and jeopardizing their own safety.

Unless they do not chew on things, but growing puppy tends to chew, so you can try to train them what they can chew and cannot, but, it is your responsibility to tackle the situation as much as possible, so they do not have the opportunity to chew on unacceptable objects. 

Why Dog chews?

Like human babies, puppies also goes through teething period. And, like humans, puppies also go through discomforts during this period. Chewing not facilitates teething but makes sore gums feel good.

Adult dogs sometimes also get engaged in destructive chewing for any number of reasons. In order to deal with the behavior, you first determine why your dog is chewing and remember that they aren’t doing it on purpose. Possible reasons for destructive chewing include:

Being a dog, they don’t know what to chew and what not to chew.

  • They are bored
  • They suffer from separation anxiety
  • Their behavior is fear-related
  • They need attention

You should consult a behavior professional for help with separation anxiety or fear-related behaviors. 

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How to Stop Chewing?

When you want to figure out how to stop a puppy from chewing or how to stop an adult dog from chewing, do not get frustrated or get angry but start planning to avoid future destruction.

Once you notice your furry friend’s chewing behavior, start focusing on things that you can isolate from dog and avoid giving them any chewing opportunities, and provide plenty of proper dog toys. Dog toys have been very good alternative for puppies to handle their chewing behavior.

Here are things pet owners can do to deal with chewing habits that are out of control. 

Puppy Proofing Your House

Look about your surrounding home environment for likely dangers to your inquisitive puppy. Place household cleaners as well as chemicals out of reach along with potentially toxic plants.

Electrical cords need to be covered and be inaccessible to avoid chewing resulting in electrocution. Eliminate objects of curiosity that can appeal to your puppies like shoes and socks, toys of kids. You should not give them access to the rooms that are not puppy-proofed as well as consider crate training for your puppy when he cannot be supervised.

Consider to use indoor dog gate and boundary fence to isolate their play area in your absence. You may like my post on guideline before getting your first puppy home!

Encourage Appropriate Chewing

Provide proper chew toys for dog to make it more fun. Every dog has own personal preference as to what they prefer to chew or play with.

I would say, please be careful with rawhide as well as beef bones as determined chewers can whittle them down to small pieces that may be swallowed. These small pieces may end up becoming lodged in the esophagus and smaller intestine.

I highly recommend not avoid these treats without your supervision and make sure to take away any little pieces that can be swallowed. Avoid chicken bones since they splinter simply creating sharp fragments that can simply puncture the gastrointestinal tract of your dog.

dog chew toys to avoid Chewing Behavior

You must select dog toys wisely

Only purchase dog chew toys that have been designed with the safety of the dog in mind. Several dog plush toys have pieces that may fall off and be chewed off as well as become a choking hazard.

A puppy may simply chew open various squeaker toys and swallow the squeaker, which will need a trip to the emergency vet. Nylon bones are best because they’re durable, safe, or non-damaging to the teeth.

I would personally recommend sterilized hollow bone. You can easily filled with your dog's favorite treat and at the same time you can avoid any dog allergies if they have.

For rubber toys, ensure they can’t be shredded into pieces that your dog can swallow. These can become choking hazards and cause intestinal upset. 

You can also use KONG toys, based on study it is highly recommended by vets. KONG dog chewing toys are uniquely designed and made with tough rubber with hollow center. You can easily stuffed KONG toys with your dog's favorite treats or food.

Supervise Your Dog

Watch your dog whenever it is roaming about. Your dog does not know the home rules still, so it is up to you to train your dog. Allow your dog to know when something is off-limits. If your dog is not following boundary then keep it on a leash inside until it gets trained. 

Keep Your Dog Busy

Puppies are energetic, and if you do not offer them opportunities to work it off, they’ll take matters into their own paws. Playing with your puppy as well as taking him for walks are good ways for the two of you to form a powerful bond, and they will help to keep him out of trouble too.

A tired puppy is the best puppy. Your puppy should have two to three walks or play sessions daily. If there are many human members of your family, sharing playtime duties will give everybody a chance for quality times with your puppy. It’ll help to exhaust his more energy without wearing everyone else out. 

Leave your scent behind

It may sound funny but if you’re leaving your dog alone for a long duration, a roll your dog toy dog toy or nylon bone between your hands and it will transfer your scent to help soothe him.

I would say it’s essential to avoid making an emotional farewell so that your puppy doesn’t respond with anxiety, which can lead to barking, whining, and other destructive behaviors. Several puppy owners have discovered, leaving the radio on at a lower volume will help to calm down an anxious puppy. 

Interrupt, then divert Dog Attention

When you do discover your dog chewing on an inappropriate object, interrupt him as well as then divert his attention to an object that’s proper for him to chew on. Praise your dog to chew on the proper object. 

my dog chews on everything

Exercise Dog Daily

Engaging in age and breed proper exercise daily helps prevent your dog from getting bored. It helps to keep burn off some of his energy. Boredom or high levels of energy are common reasons for destructive puppy chewing behavior. 

Engage in Playtime with Your Dog

A tired dog is the best dog. Spend time playing or exercising with your dog on a regular basis. It does not strengthen the human-animal bond but also uses energy that the dog can use for inappropriate chewing or behaviors otherwise. 

You may consider to massage your dog for bonding and reduce stress. Check out my recommendations on the best dog massage tools.

Give Your Dog Attention

Sometimes dogs chew things up because they need your attention. Be sure you give your dog a lot of attention. If you have your furry friend chained up all day then it is not getting the affection. It will also not help them learn what acceptable behavior is and what isn’t.

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