Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

Dogs are like young kids in various ways. But, like kids, there are times when dog behavior is questionable, and they want to be taught right from wrong. Most of the time dog behavior is misinterpreted and handled wrong way by dog owners.

Some of these bad habits as well as abnormal dog behaviors are deep-rooted. It is important to understand your dog and acknowledge why they are acting out and look out for their odd behavior signs. You should start learning about your dog's body language as well to understand it better. 

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Dogs communicate through barking naturally. But barking may get annoying for us as well as our neighbors sometimes. We need to find out the real reason why the dog is barking in order to control it. Most of the time, the key reason for this type of barking is to get your attention.


Is your dog bored? Are you giving him sufficient attention or exercise? Barking for gaining your attention is the very common reason, why your dog is barking. Make sure to spend some time with your dog from your busy schedule. Make sure to add routine daily regular walks as well as provide playtime with your dog. 


Dog older than six months, is more like to show chewing behavior and start chewing on whatever gets into his way, it’s because growing young puppy tends to get bored and experience loneliness.

Make sure to buy few dog chew toys for puppies. By adding dog chew toys to playtime will keep your puppy busy and curious. Rawhide bones can have the same taste and texture as that of your leather shoes.


Provide adequate chew toys as well as mental games to your dog. You can purchase these at any of the pet stores near you or online at Make sure to include games that involves mental stimulation and full of physical exercise for health benefits. You may like post on How to teach your dog to fetch toy

Check out popular fetch toys at Chewy!

dog behavior problems


Digging behavior in dogs can happen due to many reasons. The 1st step to treat inappropriate digging behavior is to find out the real reason behind digging behavior.

  • Dog like to cool off during hot weather, so it might be digging a hole and lay to cool off.
  • Some dogs will dig as they have sense of smell and are curious to find what is underneath.
  • Dogs dig to bury or retrieve toys, food and bones, food.
  • Sometimes dog’s digging behavior is lack of attention and physical exercise
  • Dog might dig just to get access or escape from the area.


You should notice and find out the real cause and eliminate the source that’s causing digging behavior. Make sure to spare time playing and exercising with dog. If you are not able to stop digging behavior then allocate some area in yard and train dog only in that area.

dog behavior problems

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs are very common problem, especially triggered when dogs are left alone. When dog doesn’t get enough attention and experiences separation from the owner, separation anxiety gets triggered.

Separation anxiety not necessarily instant, it may get triggered later after separation from dog owner.


  • If this behavior is because of an emotional response, it has to do with the way that we are living with the dogs than anything else.
  • Apply a leadership protocol that will teach the good roles to treat this component of separation anxiety.
  • Desensitize your dog to be alone.
  • Have a 2nd person present in the room while you go out of sight for a short period of time.
  • If your dog gets up during this exercise, be calm as well as bring your dog to the original position. Shorten the length of time that you are away for. Show patience and don’t give up.
  • Crate training may be one of the most useful tools in this condition.
  • Practicing your obedience commands can help in building the confidence in your dog.
  • In extreme cases, you can consider to consult vet for medication.

Inappropriate Urination

Inappropriate urination, this dog behavioral issue that is universally agreed upon as one of the worst and common problem among dog owners. Dogs who can’t control their elimination behavior are preventing you from taking them out as well more frequently to new areas. Try to determine the reason for the inappropriate urination behavior in dogs, which may come down to one of the following:

  • Submissive or excitement urination
  • Territorial marking
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of proper housebreaking


Inappropriate elimination is unavoidable in puppies, particularly before few months from the born. Older dogs are another story. Various dogs require serious behavior modification for getting rid of this habit.


Dog aggression is exhibited by biting, growling, lunging, snarling, and showing teeth. Reasons for aggression are basically similar to the reasons a dog will bite and snap, but overall canine aggression is a much extra serious issue.


If your dog has aggressive tendencies, consult your vet first as it can stem from a health issue. Then, seek the help of an experienced dog trainer and behaviorist. Serious steps need to be taken to keep other people safe from aggressive dogs. 

dog behavior problems

Begging for Food

If you have a dog who is trying to steal the food, and he tried to get food from you when you are eating then this behavior can be solved in a simple way.


Never feed your dog from your plate. If you have a dog who is crate trained, then it is very simple for you. Just crate your dog during mealtime or after you finish your meal, take him out of the crate as well as reward him using his treats or dog food.

Best approach is to train your dog to go to its place while you are eating your meal on table. Do not encourage your dog to sit around you while you are eating. 

Chasing After Moving Things

A dog has predatory habits which they can hardly control. Chasing after moving things is one of the most common dog behavioral issues that many people will face.

Your Fido likely loves to chase after bicycles, cats, cars, and squirrels’ small children, animals, and humans for no specific reason. While it is normal behavior, this can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences.


Your good chance at success is to keep the chase from getting out of control. Dedicated training of your dog will teach him to focus his attention on you in the first place, before running off. 

Rough/Excessive Biting and Nipping

Dogs bite and nip for many reasons. Usually, young puppies are curious and always want to explore things around by biting.

If the dog is frustrated and bored due to lack of enough attention or exercise, it might get into actual rough bites. Being a dog owner, you must train your puppy not to bite and always make sure to make your puppy realize biting is not acceptable.

Dogs bite for several reasons other than aggression, for example fear, pain, sickness, defensiveness or even for the possession of things or food.


Dogs have an instinct to bite to show off their dislikes in circumstances that aggravates them. Only you as a dog owner needs to identify the behavior and provide proper training from the day one to make your dog realize biting is not acceptable behavior.


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Dog Behavior Problems

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