Warning Signs of an Unhappy Dog

Warning Signs of an Unhappy Dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and we can say this due to many reasons. But the truth is that various people adore dogs because they’re overwhelmingly friendly, happy, or compassionate creatures. Their joy is contagious and makes us feel better. So, it can come as a surprise to hear that dogs are able to feel depressed, like us humans. And unfortunately, dog depression is not as recognizable as human depression, making it hard to try to turn your dog’s proverbial frown, upside-down. There are some signs that can tell, your dog is unhappy.

There are many reasons behind dog’s low mood. It could be boredom, loss of loved one or stressful environment. You must watch for signs that may help you find out whether your dog is unhappy or not. 

Appetite Changes

An unhappy dog stops eating and will eat as his life depended on this. It all depends on the dog. Again, in this situation, it is good to look for sudden and extreme changes in appetite. 

Sleeping All the Time or very little

Dogs sleep a lot. That is old news. But usually, this occurs when their owners are gone. If you leave your dog for a long time and he continues sleeping after you get the house, hardly reacting to your presence, something is likely wrong. Check for physical issues first, but if you cannot find anything and the symptoms are still there, he is depressed. You should know that it can work in the opposite direction, with your dog having trouble while he is sleeping. 

Loss of Interest in favorite toys and activities

If your dog abruptly loses interest in playing, going for walks, or dislike towards other thing that used to be your dog’s favorite, make sure to take note. Dogs who are less active, and has slow down, can be suffering from depression. 

Excessive Paw Licking

That incessant licking can be a sign that your dog is down in the dumps. Keep in mind, there are physiological reasons for your dog to chomp at their own paws too, involving joint pain, bacterial infections, eczema, and dry skin. However, if your dog is licking at his paws as well as exhibiting other signs on this list, it can be due to depression. 

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If your dog starts avoiding coming around the family anymore, this can be a sign of depression. Dogs are pack animals, so the family is essential. When they retreat and start spending extra time alone, it’s never a great sign. While a thunderstorm may make any animal run for cover, if your dog is abruptly nowhere to be seen for the good part of the day, do not be surprised if the vet diagnoses your dog as depressed. Hiding is another sign that your dog is not feeling ok. For more info about your dog, consult vet immediately. 

Doesn’t Want to Play or Exercise

Toys are not the stuff only that an unhappy dog can lose interest in. If they have low energy and they don’t want to go for walks or play with dogs, it shows that they’re feeling depressed. Not all dogs are social and energetic naturally, therefore it is important to see changes in what is normal for your dog.

If your dog is not interested in playing with you or with other dogs, then it’s not the end of the world. Persistent fatigue and disinterest can be a sign that your pet is uncomfortable and need to be checked out instantly. 

Aggressive dog


If your dog has gone from a friendly to one angry aggressive at each person and animal they see on their walk, this can be a sign of depression. If your pet is expressing a few newfound aggressions, it is worth talking to your vet about as soon as possible. You may also want to check common dog behavior problems and solutions.

Licking or Chewing on Themselves

Frequently considered to be a sign of fleas, physical irritation, a dog excessively licking and chewing on themselves can be because of stress or depression. 

Constant Pacing Around the House

If your dog is constantly pacing around the house that could be the sign of depression or boredom. It might be that your dog wants to go out. Best way to resolve this situation by taking your dog for a walk or playing and exercising with your dog. 

Destructive chewing

When a remorseful canine starts to chew everything in its way, it’s called destructive chewing. Your dog will damage valuable items, tear off the furnishings, and carpets. When the pet refuses to cool down and can’t control the aggressive chewing behavior and damage, it’s important to seek help. 

Endless barking

The way of speaking and expressing the emotions of a canine is by barking. However, when barking looks everlasting and uninterrupted, it’s a symptom of psychological problems. You must consider to train your noisy puppy or see help from trainer. 

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Your Pup Is Not Interested in People or Other Dogs

Dogs love people, especially if you have a breed that is friendly like a Golden Retriever or Labrador. Unhappy dogs feel sad or uninterested in life, and it is shown in their reaction to people. The same goes for their dog pals, too. If your dog doesn’t play with his friends, he’s depressed. Cheerfulness is a common sign of dog-to-dog play, and if this sign is missing, your dog is depressed. 


Happy canines are fond of their parents arriving back home from work. They look forward to meeting them after a long day. But a low-spirited one will avoid doing so as well as restrain themselves from loving somebody else. He will choose to hide or stay in their place and not like to involve in any happiness. 

Change of Mood

If you notice your dog has extreme changes in mood, for example normal happy dog turns into aggressive in minutes, then you really need to take it seriously and consult vet for more information. Dog might be depressed and going through some serious health problems that might be causing this split behavior problem. 


Out of despondence, a pet dog will begin hurting himself in each possible way. The first sign of self-destruction is scratching his own body vigorously, which can sometimes even start bleeding. It’s an alarming symptom of depression. 


If those playful nips have turned into complete-on bites, it is time to take your furry friend in for a checkup. Aggression is a very common sign of depression that animals express. If your dog or pup bites somebody rather than you, it is necessary that you should address this kind of behavior. There are different ways available to remove this behavior from your dog. You can also go to some professional in order to handle this behavioral problems.

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Warning signs of an unhappy dog

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