What to Do When Your Dog Hates the Bath

What to Do When Your Dog Hates the Bath

Have a dog that runs and hides when you go into your bathroom, in case you’re thinking about giving your dog a bath? Does your dog yell as if you are killing him the whole time, and fights that you end up getting soaked in water more than your furry friend? You aren’t alone. It’s natural that many dogs don’t like bath-time. However, there are many things you can do to help him enjoy it more and keep you drier. 

Why Does the Dog Hate a Bath?

It is very strange that many dogs hate a bath but love to go play in the water. Your little dog can scream in the bath, but then will go out and play in the pool or with hose water. We get frustrated and think about why our dog acts this way. Clearly, water is not the issue. They drink water, as well as walk through a puddle, go in a pool, and whatever. So, it means it is something related to the bathing that bothers them.

Here are some tips to develop your dog’s love for bath time. 

Use warm water

Use little warm water which may not make your dog panic compared to cold water. Put an anti-skid mat and a towel on the bottom of your tub. Several dogs struggle in the bath because their feet slip when they cannot gain traction. You can use a grooming tether or a nylon collar as well as leash to keep better control of the dog while he is in the bath. Keep a watchful eye to decrease the risk of choking or other injuries. 

Do not pour running water on your dog

This will make him nervous. Utilize a washcloth to wash the face of your dog. It is less frightening than running water splashing over his snout. Hold nose of your dog as well as chin up at an angle when running water over his neck and the top of his head; his nose should be the high point. This prevents the water from running down into his nose and eyes. 

Use a pet shower sprayer attachment

You should use a pet shower sprayer attachment for bathing your dog. This nifty gadget lets you bring the water to your dog with the long hose as well as spray attachment; water flow on the sprayers may be adjusted to the pressure that fits the comfort level of your dog. It is less disturbing for your dog to get water flowing from a source that is brought directly to the place where he is standing than to be forced into water under the shower sprayer. 

Take a nice long walk first

A lot of dogs like to get into the water when they feel hot and exhausted after play or exercise, so use those natural instincts for your benefit. Your dog will have less pent-up energy to fight the procedure.  

Don’t rush

It is almost hard for anyone to be balanced if you have a limited time to get the bath done. Discover a time when you can relax and concentrate on your dog. Make sure you have enough time to spend with your dog for bath time. 

Bring a positive attitude

If you have experienced resistance from your dog at bath time, again and again, your body language and energy likely communicate to the dog what an ordeal it is going to be before he will know that what you will do together. You can be surprised to determine how much difference it can make to approach the bath with calm as well as assertive energy. 

Use mild shampoo

Your dog has nose 40 times strong than your own nose, so dogs are overwhelmed by scented soaps. You should get unscented or you can get lightly scented version specially formulated for canines. Never bathe your dog using human shampoo and body wash. 

Move your dog’s bath indoors

If you move the bath indoors, into a bathtub, or even a sink if you have a small dog, you will be able to adjust the desired water temperature and will give you better control to help your dog stay put. 

Make it fun

Some dogs love toys more than anything, if you have one of those toys lover in house, then bring toys in bath. By doing that you will turn bath time into playtime and your dog will enjoy the playtime together in water. 

You may also want to read the best ways to exercise with your dog post.

Socialize Dog for Bath

The great teacher is another dog. If your dog has been socialized, then having a bath with other dogs in the place who are having a good time can help your dog to learn how to enjoy the experience. Be sure the dogs meet in advance of the bath, just to make sure they get along. 

Make the water temperature comfortable

Very cold or hot water may freak out your dog when you pour on the body. I would recommend to keep it lukewarm as dogs love lukewarm water more than anything. 

Watch Dog Behavior

Some pet owners mistakenly assume that their dog is adjusting well to bath time when he is standing there rigidly during the procedure. But if your puppy does not look relaxed, then you may experience problems down the road.  Let your puppy explore the bathtub when it is dry and therefore less intimidating. 

Include Dog Treats into the bath time

Another way to help your dog make further positive associations with the tub is to start rewarding during bath time. You can consider to get dog treat dispenser that can stick on to wall tile so that dog can easily get busy with the treats. 

Leave it to the professionals

If giving your dog a bath is causing concern for you both, you can consider to take advantage of dog groomer. At pet grooming service location you can get their nails and hair done before bath as well.


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