The Best Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

The Best Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

Dogs require regular exercise like us, and developing an everyday exercise routine is important when it comes to keeping your dogs physically or mentally fit. The great news is when it comes to our dogs there are a lot of quick ways to add extra exercise to their daily routine that will indirectly benefit yourself as well. And since several of these activities are interactive it means you will be burning off some more calories as well.


How Much Exercise Do Dogs Need?

The benefits of exercise with dogs are given as:

  • Improved physical health
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced unwanted behaviors because of boredom or anxiety

How much exercise a dog requirement depends on many factors, including physical health, age, breed, injury, and environment.



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Exercise for Puppies: Puppies have many energies but less stamina than an adult dog. They are yet growing, which means they require more breaks as well as their playtime has broken into small sessions.

Consider shorter, 5 to 10-minute sessions with your puppy, consisting of walking, training even running. Movement is a key here, and anything that can boost your and your puppy’s heart rate is perfect.

The longer you and your puppy exercise together, it will help develop bonding between puppy and yourself. Once you notice the sign of tiredness then stop immediately.

Exercise for adult dogs: It will not surprise you to hear that breed plays a role in how much exercise your adult dog requirements. Age and health are key factors to consider when we talk about exercising dog, similarly, the breed is also an indication of their general activity level.

Some of the more active dog breed kinds that need extra exercise include:

  • Terriers
  • Shepherds
  • Retrievers
  • Pointers
  • Scent hounds

In general, an adult herding and sporting breed dog require 60 to 90 minutes of exercise every day. This should include hard exercises such as running, playtime with other dogs, and a hike.

More active dogs can thrive in dog sports such as agility and fly ball. Balance workout is increasingly famous for pet parents.

If your daily work schedule doesn’t allow then consider to schedule your dog with local dog daycare facility.

Here are ways to exercise with your dog. Personally I recommend to spare some time to exercise with dog to benefit your health as well.

 exercise with dog


Hopefully, you are walking your dog daily. Walking is a good workout. It will relieve stress and improve your and your pet’s health.

If it is possible, try to make a routine such as one 30-minute walk in the morning and in the evening. Your pet will praise the stability. Also, try different paces or new routes to keep daily walks fresh. 

Also, while walking you should let your dog sniff around freely



Like any other intense and high-effect sport, ease your pup into running. It is a good exercise for them, but like you, they require to get in shape over time.

If you are running on the road, keep your dog on opposite side from the line of traffic and on a relatively short leash. From the beginning, make sure that puppy doesn’t zigzag in and out for better habits.  

For those of you lucky sufficient to have a trail close by, be sure that off-leash pets are allowed. Like hiking, you will want to carry water and ensure the pup has an ID. 


If you plan on taking your pup biking, you’ll need to ensure that you have got a safe attachment for your bike. Before you go on your first ride with a dog, take him on some trial walks on bike to get him used to with the bike.

Walk on the right side with the dog on the left. Try moving, stopping, speeding up, and turning over. During this time, it is helpful to incorporate simple verbal cues like let us go. These will come in handy during your rides. Again, begin slow, building up your fitness. 

Exercise with dog


Hiking is a little different and harder than walking. For hikes, you want to have an ID tag on your pup, bring a lot of water, and ideally, carry a first aid kit. Plan ahead. Having the right gear like collapsing water bowls.

You should begin with short and less intense hikes and work your way up. Even although you are walking, hikes can get hilly and difficult. It is good to build up fitness before attempting the more strenuous hikes.


Most dogs love the water, and swimming is better for dogs with joint issues, as water is a great way to get enough exercise without putting too much pressure on joints.

A life jacket may help your dog stay in the water longer for an optimum cardio workout. 

Dog Sports

With so many different kinds of dog sports to select from, you and your dog can try a variety of activities and stick with your favorites.

You can do some research and find local facility that can train your dog for sports. For example Lure coursing, Schutzhund, scent work, dock diving, agility, obedience, fly ball, and Rally are some of the popular dog sports. 

playing with dog

Play Games

Hide-and-Seek: Hide and seek gets your dog moving as well as provides mental stimulation. You can work in a game of chase.

Tug of War: when played appropriately, build muscle and will create great bonding between you and your furry friend. Many dogs enjoy tug, and there are different tug toys available.

Play catch: Whether it is a ball, a Frisbee, and his favorite toy, go outside and play a game of catch. 


If you are looking for a good dog exercise for higher-energy breeds, look no more than a treadmill. With careful training, your dog can get used to with treadmill workouts.

While they aren’t a replacement for a walk or a run outside, treadmills build endurance and do not rely on weather.

I recommend exercise with dog outdoor if weather is not an issue in your area where you live. 

Visit the dog park

If likely, walk to the dog park. When you get there, toss a ball and run with your dog to catch it. Both of you’ll have great fun and get exercise. 

Resistance walks

It is the best for all types of weather. Walk your dog in the snow, in shallow water on the beach, on the sand, and on a leaf-filled trail.


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