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How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the House

Being a dog parent, you may experience frustrating incident at some point. Dog urinating in house is always not acceptable. Especially if your adult dog start peeing in the house, it becomes very frustrating situation. You should not ignore the situation, instead you must address it immediately. Your job is to find out why your dog is peeing in the house. You really need to understand the reason behind your dog’s behavioral problem.

Understand the reasons why your dog is peeing in the home

There are 4 main reasons for a dog peeing in the home, or in other places he should not:

Your pup is not housetrained still

It is frequently asked how to potty train a puppy. You must have patience and time to train your puppy. There are different methods that involves tricks and ways to encourage positive behavior while potty training your puppy. You may find our article on puppy potty training

Your dog is dealing with anxiety.

With a dog peeing in the home while you are gone, he might be suffering from separation anxiety. You may want to consult professional dog trainer and behaviorist for the most efficient way to solve this issue. Take your dog to doggie daycare to keep him distracted as well as mentally engaged in a healthy activity. If separation anxiety is the reason then try to spend more time playing with your dog. 

Excitement in Younger Puppy

If you are a new parent of a young puppy then you may experience at least once when your puppy is growing. Younger puppy tends to pee in excitement when they meet you after few hours or someone he likes come to your house. It is normal for a young puppy to pee in house when they are very happy and excited. 

Dog Age or Sickness

If you abruptly notice your dog peeing in the home, check in with your vet. There are many health-related problems that can be causing the new behavior. Dogs also experiences urinary tract issues. Like us humans, senior dogs can have a problem holding their bladder.

Old dogs also tends to get kidney failure, so if you notice house peeing problem in your older dog then it is recommended to consult veterinarian. 

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the home?

Depending on the reason for your dog’s peeing problem in house, one and more of the following approaches can be the right one for you. You might get frustrated and might think of giving away your dog, but don’t give up. You may need additional help but with patience you can train your dog.

Dog Training – Many house trained dogs also develop house urination behavior so do not get frustrated. It’s just a time to step back and repeat what you had done in past until the behavior is corrected.

Increase Potty Breaks -  Change your dog’s potty training routine and make sure to take your dog outside immediately after feeding food or water. Always appreciate and praise your dog once he is done peeing outside.

Identify the Trigger - Dog urinating in house might be related to some situation or surrounding circumstances. Sometimes dog tends to pee in house due to fear or anxiety. Try to find out the event that might be triggering this behavior in your dog. For example: try to avoid things that might be scaring your dog.

Don't Hit or Yell - Never ever yell or hit if your dog urinates in the house. Your aggression for the situation might affect negatively on dogs. Punishment may scare your dog and it may not feel comfortable around you that might create more urination problems in house.

Clean up Properly -  Always make sure to clean up the place if your dog urinate in house. Pee smell may encourage your dog to urinate indoor. It is always recommended to clean the sport with good cleaner to eliminate the smell.

Get Professional Help - If you have a very busy schedule and cannot spare time to train your dog or you have tried all possible options without any success then consider to consult professional dog trainer or behavior specialist to train your dog.

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