Puppy Potty Training - How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads

Puppy Potty Training - How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads

How to Train Your Puppy to Go on Potty Pads 

Potty training your new puppy can be frustrating and challenging if you do not train it right way. But, it requires your patience. You must utilize potty training gears to begin with. For example, you can buy potty pads to start training your puppy to make realize the appropriate place to go for potty. You must have patience and keep doing this until your puppy understands the intention. Later on you can teach your puppy to potty outside.

What type of Potty Pad for Puppy Potty Training?

Potty pad is the way of teaching dog to go to specific place for pee. It's all visual realization to your furry friend. Choosing a potty pad may be confusing as people tend to use newspapers, cloth towels, paper towels or potty pads from pet stores.

I recommend store bought potty pads over other options as they are made especially for potty training. You must choose potty pad that can absorb well, larger in size and easy to clean. Also, based on dog breeds you must select appropriate potty pad, for example large breed dog will need stronger heavy duty potty pads compared to small size dog breed.

In my opinion, try to not to use newspapers or paper towels, because it will create a mess in house. You can use cloth towels for potty training a new puppy, but your dog might end up playing with the cloth towel.

For puppy potty training, you can also consider getting one of those potty stations designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Here is my recommendation on Potty Pads at Chewy.com!

Introduce Your Puppy to the Potty Pads

Let your puppy explore new potty pad. Puppies are very curious to learn, they will sniff or grab potty pads. By allowing your puppy to explore new potty pad, you will make them feel comfortable and break the fear.

Once your puppy start walking on the pad use the command that you want to say at potty time. For example, "go potty". Do not use that command everywhere, instead use that "go potty" command when your puppy is going potty in real. This way you will make your puppy connect the action with the command, so next time when puppy is on the potty pad and when you say "go potty", puppy will start learning about the location for potty.

Learn When Your Puppy will Potty

During puppy potty training, you will have to learn about your puppy's potty time. It's not just learning time for your puppy, it's for both of you! You will have to learn signs and timing when your puppy goes potty.

Usually, puppy will go potty after eating, drinking, walking and playing. Make sure to keep potty pad close by so that you can pick it up and place your puppy on potty pad. If you notice puppy sniffing the ground then pick it up and place it on the potty pad. Every time your puppy starts potty, use the same command "go potty".

Puppy may go potty every 2-3 hours, so make sure you place puppy on potty pads every 2-3 hours.

Puppy Loves Reward

Puppies would love rewards. If your puppy goes potty on potty pad then praise it. It doesn't have to be treat, you can praise your puppy verbally or by petting. You can also use small treat to reward its good behavior.

Puppy Potty Training Dos and Don'ts

You must keep your puppy on a same schedule - feeding, playing, walking etc.

Use same command for potty time.

Make sure to keep the potty pad at same place that will help learning your puppy faster. You can change the location of potty pad once your puppy is trained to go on a pad for potty. Slowly you can move potty pad outdoor once your puppy learns where to go potty.

Do not allow your puppy to chew or pull potty pad or use potty pad as a playground or eating ground.

Puppy Potty Training Tips:

Keep potty pad closer so that you can give enough time to your puppy to make it to the potty pad on time.

If your puppy is curious and you are having trouble keeping eye on it, then put small bell in collar. It will help you find where your puppy is.

Dogs do not like to go potty at the same place they sleep. You can put puppy in crate or exercise pen for few hours.  Puppy will whine if it has to go potty.

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