How to Stop Submissive or Excitement Peeing in Dogs

How to Stop Submissive or Excitement Peeing in Dogs

If your newly brought puppy or rescued dog sometimes pees inside house without any reason, then most likely your dog has a submissive or excitement urination problem.

If you notice that your dog urinate inappropriately regardless of the location, it is a sign that your furry friend has health problem. You must be wondering why your dog is peeing in the house. It is always advisable to understand and know about the submissive or excitement urination issue.

Sometimes, elderly dogs have urination problem. But I would still recommend to get your dog checked for such a behavior regardless of the age. It is also likely to have similar issue with newly brought puppy during potty training, but still you want to get your dog evaluated if urination problem doesn't get resolved with new puppy.

This article will help you understanding inappropriate urination in your dog and prevention steps about the problem.

Reasons Why Dogs Urinate When Submissive?

Usually submissive urination problem is identified among rescued dogs and dogs with shy personality. Usually submissive urination behavior shows dog consider you or someone dominant when greeted or approached.

But, if your dog urinate when someone or you are in dominant position. For example, greeting your dog or directly looking into eyes. It is more likely that your dog is suffering with excitement urination issue.

how to stop submissive urination issue in dogs

How to Stop Submissive Urination Issue in Dogs

It's always frustrating to see your dog peeing inappropriately in house. But instead of getting mad or punishing your dog, keep calm and try to build bonding and confidence between you and your dog.

I would say, use common commands that you use to train your dog. For example, say sit, stay or come commands and do not forget to reward your dog upon following the command successfully.

Also, try to consider following few things in future to prevent inappropriate urination issue in your dog.

Do not look directly into eyes when you approach your dog. I would say instead approach from the side and sit down next to your dog.

Do not pet your dog on top of head, instead pamper under the chin.

You must change your greeting behavior to lower excitement. As soon as you come home, take your dog outside in case your furry friend needs to go pee.

During training, if your dog pees inside house, do not get mad regardless of how your dag was. Just keep calm and clean it up. Also, always reward and praise your dog when it pees in the appropriate location.

Why Dogs Urinate in Excitement?

Excitement urination problem is usually among younger puppies, especially puppies under 1 year or less. This inappropriate urination in excitement is permanent issue. Your dog will get over with that habit as it grows. All it needs from your side is patience.

how to stop excitement urination problem in dogs


How to Stop Excitement Urination Issue

It is very simple but the process will require little patience and right follow up.

Make sure to keep your playtime with dog less exciting and outside in yard. By playing outdoor will help you avoid mess inside house if any excitement urination incident happens.

Also, try to ignore your dog when you arrive home. You might think ignoring your dog might create wrong image on your dog, but it is not cruel thing. It will help your dog calm down on its own before greeting time.

If excitement urination happens inside the house, then do not get angry. Just keep calm and clean up the mess. I recommend you to stop playing and leave your puppy or dog alone.

Whenever your puppy or dog pees at right spot, make sure to treat your dog. Especially, when you are out for a walk with your dog, and it pees outdoor then always treat or reward dog. It will help your dog to develop good habit.

Health Issue related to Urination Problem in Dogs

It is always recommend to get your dog evaluated before your go for behavior training.

Urinalysis at your vet will help you understand whether your dog has any health problem such as urinary tract infection, bladder stones or inflammation in the bladder. Your vet will also evaluate if your dog has any kidney disease or even diabetes.

If you are male dog owner who has been recently neutered, then you may face continuous urination issue in house. It is always advisable to contact vet if your dog doesn't stop continuous urination after a week of the neutering procedure.

If your dog doesn't have any health issue related to submissive or excitement urination, and you have tried everything to correct the issue without any success then it is time for you to get help from licensed dog behavior specialist.

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